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  • The guardian hereby confirms and agrees, that by signing this consent/disclaimer, and permitting the child downloading this application, the legal guardian and/or parent and the child will automatically be formally and legally bound by any and all of the clauses and/or conditions as set out in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as it appears on the HEROES ANONYMOUS application.
  • The legal guardian and/or parent understands and agrees that this application can and will only be activated once the “Unique code” is provided to the parent/child by the School. The Unique code will only be provided to the parent/child once this consent/disclaimer is formally signed by the child’s legal guardian and/or parent. This unique code will be unique to the School and the nominated Champions of the school.
  • All parties that are signatories hereto, hereby irrevocably confirm that this application is only a reporting platform and will only be used as such. The aim of this application, is to be used as a mechanism/platform for a user (the child or parent or guardian), to report any criminal offence, sexual offence, any form of abuse (specifically physical, sexual and/or verbal abuse), maltreatment and/or bullying of the user and/ or any third party, to the Champions of the school, via the application’s reporting functions.
  •  The reporting from the HEROES ANONYMOUS application will be done to the school, via the school’s nominated champions and only to the said champions as specified in this consent/disclaimer.
  • A user (the child or parent or guardian) may log an incident and/or information for themselves or for someone else (There are two options “Myself” or “Someone Else”).
  • A user (the child or parent or guardian) can log an incident (type of incident, grade of  person involved, date, time and where it happened), add a photo or video and add possible witnesses.
  • This reporting will be done through a “flagging system”. There are different flags allocated to different information being reported by a user.  Any reporting of a sexual offence, a report regarding any weapons and/or drugs will be “red flagged” and reported immediately to the nominated school champions and subject to this agreement being singed by the child’s legal guardian and/or parent.
  • All other reports will be divided into categories (different colored flags), and these categories will be consolidated in one report and will be reported to the nominated champions of the school, the following school day and also subject to this consent/disclaimer being signed by the child’s legal guardian and/or parent.  This reporting to the nominated school champions shall take place within 24 hours from when the information was logged on the system, to being reported to the nominated school champion.
  • The reporting is done via an automated email message system in which the information reported to via the HEROES ANONYMOUS application, is directly forwarded to the nominated school champions to investigate/act on.


  • No child aged 7 (seven) years or younger are permitted to make us of the HEROES ANONYMOUS application. Neither the school nor the HEROES ANONYMOUS application will knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 7 (seven). Where and when the school discovers that a child under 7 (seven) has provided his/her personal information, the school will instruct the HEROES ANONYMOUS application to immediately delete this from its servers.  If the user is a parent or guardian and the user is aware that the user’s child has provided the HEROES ANONYMOUS application with personal information, the parent and/or guardian must please contact the school so to enable the school to take the necessary action(s).  The HEROES ANONYMOUS application complies with all the relevant legislation as per the terms and conditions of the application.


  • Whenever the user (the child or parent or guardian) makes use of this platform, the HEROES ANONYMOUS application collects data and information (through third party products) on the user’s mobile device’s Log Data.  This Log Data may include information such as the user’s device Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device name, operating system version, the configuration of the application when utilizing this platform, the time and date of the user’s use of the platform, and other statistics.
  • The HEROES ANONYMOUS application, processes and stores personal data that the user (the child or parent or guardian) has provided to HEROES ANONYMOUS application, in order to make use of the application.  This storing of information will coincide with the signing of this consent/disclaimer by the child’s legal guardian and/or parent.
  • The child’s personal information will solely be used for the direct reporting to the school nominated champions as specified in this consent/disclaimer.  Should there be a change in the nominated champions, the child and legal guardian and/or parent will be notified of same.  The school and nominated school champions shall take extra preventive measures to protect privacy and security of the child.
  • Should it become necessary that the children’s personal information is disclosed for any other purpose, save for reporting to the nominated champions, same will only be done if explicit consent thereto is granted by the holders of parental responsibility, or required for protecting the children in accordance with the law.
  • Neither the School, nor HEROES ANONYMOUS will use or share your child’s information with anyone except as described in this consent/disclaimer, as well as the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy as contained on the HEROES ANONYMOUS application.  The HEROES ANONYMOUS APP adheres to the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act in all facets, as is prescribed by law.
  • The child’s personal information and/or images will at no point be made public and/or used on any website and/or platform that are open to the public.
  • The child’s personal information will not be used for marketing purposes. The moral judgment and/or decision to act or not, after the nominated school champion receives a report via the HEROES ANONYMOUS application, shall be in strict alignment with the code of Conduct of schools as prescribed by the Department of Education.


  • A Child can download the Heroes Anonymous Mobile Application from the Google and Apple mobile application stores but can only use the application with Parent/Guardian consent.
  • Before a child may access and use the application, the application will prompt the child to enter the mobile number of the Parent/Guardian to give authorization for use.
  • Once the Child enters the mobile number of the Parent/Guardian into the application, the Parent/ Guardian will receive an SMS containing the One Time Pin (OTP) with a web link to the Parent Consent Agreement for Parent/Guardian reference.
  • By replying to the SMS generated and received on the Parent/Guardian mobile phone, in the form of replying to the SMS with the One Time Pin (OTP) received, you agree as the Parent/Guardian of the child that you have read and understood the Parent Consent Agreement in the SMS,  and give your child consent to use the Heroes Anonymous Mobile Application.

© 2020 Heroes Anonymous (PTY) Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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