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The organization hosts regular presentations at schools in across the country. Currently a social awareness campaign aimed at Anti-Bullying.

We aim to promote leadership among the youth, for every boy and girl to ‘Be That Guy’ and ‘Be That Girl’. The ethos is to promote integrity, respect, honor and leadership- promoting positivity and building each other up among the youth toward their peers.

This initiative has received a phenomenal positive response and reaches a staggering number of children and parents who support our cause. Bullying is a big problem in schools and takes many forms, including cyber bullying. These talks include highlighting the colossal negative impact of bullying, and techniques how to deal with their everyday challenges.


“Do you want to change the world? Then change yourself first. Do you want to change yourself? Then see the beauty in others.” Sri Chinmoy

BTG Everyday Heroes is a youth development organization and offers services to South African youth.

We are dedicated to reinstating integrity, loyalty, respect and honesty into our schools. The effect hereof will be vital in diminishing bullying and low self esteem in children. Our principal goal is to reinstate positive core values into our youth system, this will ensure that children not only treat each other with respect and integrity, but also gain a sense of self-worth which will inspire leadership.

BTG Everyday Heroes host school talks and youth adventure camps focused on leadership, identity and team building. We offer access to a youth resources platform including 24/7 youth counseling, content and web radio.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world really needs are for people to come alive.” John Eldredge WILD AT HEART

Jo Black

Jo Engelbrecht a.k.a Jo Black


“Wisdom is wasted on the old,
just as youth is wasted on the young.
My purpose is to get you to a place where
you can attain wisdom while you’re young,
and some youth while you’re old.”

“What makes you come alive?
We’re dying to come alive.”

The entity:

A non-profit organization


Jo visits countless across the country
regardless of ethnic, economic back grounds
(Public and Private schools).


Interview summary by Trevor van Niekerk:

He does sound like a man worth admiring, given your current path and ambition we’re sure you’ll make him proud, if we may say so. With that we would like to thank you for your time Jo and also for yours Debbie; we wish you only happiness going forward and we cannot wait to see your influence on the world.

Pausing in the final moments in front of Jo we notice again the impact of his presence. With a rugged exterior accentuated by his ink sleeve and voice that could narrate a Tarantino film, Jo seems like a man never to be approached with malice. Yet given what we know now we will say, with the utmost confidence, that you would only be met with love. His life is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit and his vision, proof that we are all capable of more. Wherever Jo resides a sense of community ensues around him. His non judgmental empathy makes him approachable by one and all, and his life experience ensures a wise but practical solution to whatever struggle you may find yourself caught up in.

Jo’s Religious conviction inspires our curiosity towards God, far be it from us to make grand assumptions but his kindness directly contradicts what life has come to show him. Even though we would blatantly beg to differ, if you ask him he would tell you that he is “scum.” Dramatic as it may sound it does however inspirit an undeniable beauty in the balance he has come to find through absolute chaos. To us Jo is the “badass” of philanthropy, the next generation of truth seeker, the unconventional but equally undeniable voice of Love.

Jo, we fully believe and support what you stand for. You remind us that individually none of us are truly capable of Being That Guy but together there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We are eternally grateful for having met you and we look forward to having you on our team.


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